The recent Parish Council meeting has shown us that many of you are very passionate about the future of LACA and the Community Centre. This is wonderful news because we are too! We want you to know that we are always listening, and we value your feedback and suggestions. With that in mind, the meeting has raised a lot of questions that we will now answer. We will do this in the style of a Q&A to ensure clarity.
Why is the Parish Council giving LACA £1000 per month?  The Parish Council are not giving LACA £1000 per month. In fact, since the coronavirus outbreak, LACA has not received any additional funding from the Parish Council. Why is LACA accruing losses of £3.5K per month?  LACA is not accruing losses of £3.5K per month. In fact, due to the government grants, the Job Retention Scheme (furlough), support from the local community, and the diligence of the Centre Manager, LACA is currently in a stable financial position. What happened to the £20k that the Parish Council gave to LACA on 14th December 2020?  Due to LACAs stable financial position, we have not needed the emergency grant of £20k, therefore, it was decided on the 22nd of March 2021 by the Parish Council that this money would be reallocated. Why did four trustees resign from LACA?  Four trustees choose to resign from LACA because they disagreed with a decision made regarding an internal HR matter. Please understand that under data protection law we cannot give any details of the HR matter. It would also be completely unethical and a direct breach of the charity commission code of conduct. Is it true that they had no other choice but to resign from LACA?  No. In fact, the charity commission has clear guidance regarding resolving conflict within charities. By demanding that LACAs current chair resign or they would, the ex-trustees chose not to follow the charity commissions best practice for resolving conflict within a charity. What could the ex-trustees have done instead of resigning?  The ex-trustees could have followed the charity commissions best practice for resolving conflict within charities by seeking external assistance in dispute resolution such as mediation. Have the charity commissions been informed of the serious incident?  Yes. The current members of LACA have been openly working with an HR consultant, and we have been updating the charity commission regularly. At present, the Charity Commission is pleased with the action the current members are taking and it is believed that they are acting in the charity’s best interest. Can anyone become a LACA trustee?  Yes. LACA is in the process of moving to a new charity model CIO – Charitable Incorporated Organisation. As part of this change, we are currently working with Voluntary Action North Somerset (VANS) to create a member recruiting process that is fair, identifies skills and is within the Charity Commission best practices for finding new members. Who will pay for VANS support in helping LACA move to the new CIO? We are currently in the process of applying for a grant from a third-party funding provider. Why has LACA chosen to become a CIO?  After looking at different legal structures it has been decided that a CIO is the best model because it has been specifically designed for charities like ours. What are the benefits of becoming a CIO?  CIOs benefit from limited liability in the same way that charitable companies do. This means that the members and trustees are generally not personally liable for any debts or other liabilities that the CIO incurs that are greater than the charity’s assets. How will becoming a CIO benefit the community?  Through limited liability, the prospect of being a LACA member becomes more inviting. This will better position us to attract skilled individuals to LACA. It will also help us ensure that we have a diverse range of members directing LACAs governance. Can you get involved with LACA now? Yes. As we have said, we are currently updating our recruitment process. As part of this, all new members will undergo a vetting process to help safeguard the charity and ensure that LACA meets the charity commission best practice for finding new members. Whilst we do this, we invite you to register your interest in becoming a LACA member using the form at the bottom of this page.

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We hope that we have been able to answer some of your questions. If you would like to ask us any further questions, we kindly ask you to contact us. We also invite you to look at the following useful resources. Charity Governance Code The essential trustee: what you need to know, what you need to do Charity Commission – Conflicts in your Charity–2#about-this-guidance Charity Types
Register your interest in becoming a LACA member: Note: The following form is not part of the recruitment process.