We want to thank everyone who came down to the Club Room today to show their support for LACA and the cafe. It was such a positive experience for us, and it was so lovely to finally be able to speak to people face to face and listen to everybody’s views. We appreciate everyone who took the time to complete one of our Feedback/Suggestions forms. There have been some great ideas shared with us, and we will be sure to include them all in the upcoming consultation. What was very clear from the conversations we had, is that people want the facility to get a cup of tea, coffee and a piece of cake when the new Community Hub opens. With your help and support by volunteering with us, together, we can make this happen! And with that, we would also like to thank everyone who took away one of our volunteer registration forms, and we look forward to having them returned to us. We are working closely with Parish Council, Youth Club, and the Library Working Group to decide how best to proceed with the consultation to ensure the Club Room remains a welcoming, inclusive space for everyone in the community.