The ground around our car park, buildings, tennis courts and, recreation ground is protected by a North Somerset Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO). What are Public Spaces Protection Orders? A Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO) propose is to deal with a particular nuisance in a particular area that is having a detrimental effect on the quality of life for those in the local community. It can prohibit certain things or require specific things to be done. What is our PSPO? The Community Association Area LON01 PSPO has been issued to help keep dogs under control within our public areas, and it requires that dogs are kept on a lead at all times. What area does the PSPO cover? The Community Association Area LON01 PSPO covers the whole grounds up to the outside edge of the bush along Keeds Lane. Please note that the LON01 PSPO does not include Peel Park. Feel free to let your dogs off their lead there, but please keep them under control and pick up after them. Community Association Area LON01 PSPO What is the penalty for breaching a PSPO? Breaching a PSPO is a criminal offence, and a £75 fixed penalty can be issued. All fixed penalties must be paid within 14 days. Payment of the fixed penalty will remove any liability to conviction for the offence. If the fine is not paid, you can be prosecuted. This can lead to a maximum fine of £1,000 and costs. Who is responsible for enforcing the PSPO? It is the responsibility of the North Somerset Council, the Parish Council and the Avon and Somerset police to enforce the PSPO. However, please do not be offended if a member of our staff politely informs you about the PSPO, and asks you to put your dog on a lead. Will LACA support the PSPO? We have seen an increase in dogs running free in our car park, on the bowling green and in the children’s playing areas. We have also had reports of dogs fighting, dogs attacking people, and excessive dog faeces on the football field and alongside the bowling green.  This behaviour can put our visitors, dogs, and their owners at risk, therefore, our staff will seek to protect everyone that visits our grounds. Note – If your dog is harmed or harms another whilst in breach of a PSPO your pet or personal insurance will not be valid. This will leave you personally liable for any vet fees and other costs that may occur. Will LACA report breaches to the North Somerset Council? The last thing we want to do is report breaches of the PSPO. We will firstly do our best to inform people of the PSPO and politely ask them to put their dog on a lead. However, if a member of staff has spoken to an individual and they choose to ignore the law, then we will have no choice but to report the breach to North Somerset Council and use our CCTV as supporting evidence. Help and support We understand that having a dog is a big responsibility, with that in mind we would like to invite you to read the North Somerset guide to dog ownership. The guide offers some useful information, links, and phone numbers for support if you need it. Download Guide Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in helping us keep our grounds safe for all our visitors.