It is a joy to see our facilities used again and we want this to continue. However, we are seeing more and more people ignoring government guidance and the safeguards we have put in place to ensure safe play in the play park area.

Our Main Points of Concern

  • Overcrowding and social distancing complaints in the play park.
  • Adults and children not using sanitiser when entering the play park.
  • Families, picnicking in the play park.
  • Lettering in the play park.
  • Parents, allowing their children to go to the toilet in the play park bushes.
These are serious concerns and, we have received complains from the public to that effect. This morning the centre manager had to pick up litter in the play park that included a used sanitary towel, nappie bag, bloody plasters and lots of other litter. We can understand that people will choose to ignore the rules, but when they do, they are putting other members of the public and our staff at risk.  We take the health and safety of users and staff extremely seriously. With that, we will monitor the play park over the weekend and, if the rules continue to be ignored, the play park will close until the guidance is relaxed or when we believe it is safe to reopen. This is not a decision we will take lightly, and we want the park to stay open so, we invite you to familiarise yourselves with the play park guidelines.

Play Park Guidelines

  • Only ten users at one time –Example: Five adults and five children.
  • Please maintain 2m social distancing.
  • Sanitise your hands before, during and after using the play park.
  • If this area is busy, please wait or come back at another time.
  • Respect other users by following a fair use policy.
  • Children should be accompanied and supervised by one adult.
  • Parents/guardians are encouraged to wipe down equipment and asked to supervise your children’s behaviour to ensure safe play.
  • Only one child on each piece of equipment at any one time (unless from the same family/part of a social bubble).
  • Please be considerate of children with additional needs.
  • No food or drink and please take your litter home with you.