enhanced COVID cleaning

As the number of active coronavirus cases increases in Bristol and its surrounding areas, we want to update you on what we are doing to help keep our community safe.

As a multi-use community facility that supports a wide range of local activities, and due to our communal nature, our facilities are vulnerable to the spread of coronavirus. Because of this vulnerability, we have sought advice from experts to help us build a cleaning program that enables us to control the risk of cross-contamination between user groups in our buildings. We want to assure you that we take the health, and wellbeing of all our staff and visitors seriously and our enhanced COVID cleaning is just one of the measures we have put in place that helps us to keep you safe when using our facilities.

What is enhanced COVID cleaning?

Enhanced COVID cleaning is, targeted cleaning in areas when the risk of cross-contamination between user groups is high. These users groups can include but are not limited to, exercise groups and indoor sports activities. These types of groups pose a greater risk due to physical activity.

When do we implement enhanced COVID cleaning?

Before any group can use our facilities, the organisers must attend a management meeting to discuss their needs and responsibilities. During this meeting, we discuss the cleaning and decide if we will need to implement enhanced COVID cleaning after each of their individual group sessions.

Enhanced COVID cleaning after a group

Enhanced COVID cleaning can take up a lot of time, so after receiving professional advice, we have purposely purchased an antibacterial fogging machine to help speed up the cleaning process. Cleaning between groups that would usually take over an hour in some areas, now only takes on average 30 mins when using our fogging machine.

What is a fogging machine?

A fogging machine is a piece of equipment that uses a fine spray to quickly apply an antibacterial solution to a large area. The Fogger we have uses an Electrox Sterilising Water which cleans and sanitises large areas of the building quickly and effectively. It can kill the virus in the air and on surfaces and, the solution we use only requires 20 min downtime to dry. Side note – It has been suggested that we could use a fogging solution that would only need to be applied once a month. After taking advice from the lead technician at Electrox, we decided that it would not be suitable for our needs as such solutions are extremely toxic and can be harmful to the environment.

Do we charge for enhanced COVID cleaning?

Despite the additional cost to LACA, we currently do not pass on any additional cost to our hirers. We acknowledge that it is not their fault that we must perform the enhanced COVID cleaning after their group. We also understand that the additional cleaning can be an inconvenience for some groups, especially those groups that would usually have back to back sessions.

Are we the only community facility that has enhanced COVID cleaning?

No, we are not the only community facility that has enhanced cleaning procedures because of the coronavirus. We are following the government guidelines for multi-purpose community facilities and, we are confident that all our buildings are COVID secure. Overall, our hirers have been very understanding and they welcome the extra confidence the additional cleaning gives them and their groups. We are grateful to them for their understanding and also for working with us to help keep our community safe. To find out more about the fogger and solution we use, check out the 2 min video below.