Today is Tell a Fairy Tale Day, and to help celebrate, over half term, we held a Create a Fairy Tale Character Competition. We understand how difficult the lockdown has been for many of our young people in the village, so we wanted to offer something nice for them to do during the half term. We have had some wonderfully imaginative creations, and everybody who entered deserves a medal for all their hard work. So without further ado, here are the winners of our Create a Fairy Tale Character Competition.

Winner Age Group 3 – 6


Here is her paragraph about her character: My character’s name is Carrie. Carrie is the goodie. She wears heart and flower dresses and a golden scarf. She has antennae because she’s an alien. She comes from Saturn. Her favourite thing to do is to look in space from her planet. Her favourite animal is a monkey. Her job is to look after her space rocks. Her favourite food is spaghetti and meatballs. She is friendly and she is kind. That’s all. Our comments Lucy has clearly put a lot of work into creating her character. We love how she has really thought about Carrie’s personality and all the things she likes. We must admit – our favourite animal is a monkey too! Lucy’s mum said,
Lucy did enjoy taking part in the competition as she absolutely loves arts and crafts. She is also keen on fairy tales and making up stories, so it was a perfect activity for her.

Winner Age Group 7 – 9


Here is her paragraph about her character: Her name is Chestnut Rose because she lives in the hollow trunk of a chestnut tree and she loves wild roses. She is a Forest Fairy who helps people when they get into trouble in the woods. Her best friend is her teddy who is called Holly Bear. Our comments We really like how Cecily has used nature to bring her character to life. We love Chestnut Rose and hope she lives in the forest near us because we often get lost in the woods. Cecily mum said,
Cecily loved taking part in this competition as it gave her something arty to do during half term that wasn’t schoolwork.

Thank You For Taking Part

Thank you to everyone who entered and supported our competition. We were thrilled with the creativity that all the young people have shown. Every single entry made us smile and we hope you all love the winners as much as we do! Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for more competitions in the future.