Updated 9 September 2020


  1. Introduction
  2. COVID Secure
  3. Social Distancing and Capacity
  4. User Groups
  5. NHS Test and Trace
  6. Outdoor facilities
  7. Hygiene and Face Coverings
  8. Vulnerable People
  9. Enforcement
  10. Useful Resources

Please note:

This guidance applies to all Community Association facilities and includes all buildings and outdoor spaces.


As a multi-use community facility that supports a wide range of local activities, and due to our communal nature, our facilities are vulnerable to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). It is vital that when using our facilities that all guidance from the government and guidance relevant to specific activity or sector is adhered to at all times.

COVID Secure

All Community Association buildings are COVID Secure. What this means is that we have assessed the COVID-19 risk and put measures in place to help minimise the risk to our staff, volunteers, and visitors. These measures include:
  • All staff have attended a Coronavirus toolbox talk to help them understand the risks of COVID-19 and the steps we have taken to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Signage throughout all buildings to remind people of the current guidelines.
  • Hand sanitiser at all entrances and exits.
  • Regular Washroom checks to ensure handwashing facilities are available at all times.
  • Additional cleaning of “Hotspots” – door handles, light switches, etc.
  • Enhanced cleaning between user groups using an antibacterial fogging machine.

Social distancing and capacity

Measures are in place to ensure all users of our facilities follow the guidelines on social distancing. Please note that due to social distancing, capacity has been reduced, in all spaces. Capacity will be assessed by each group’s individual needs when they attend a management meeting.

User Groups

In addition to our control measures, it is a requirement that all user groups complete COVID-19 risk assessment under HSE law and submit it to the management team. We also require that all users groups attend a management meeting to discuss their needs and responsibilities before they can use our facilities. Some groups may be required to supply further information based on group type and activities. This will be assessed by their individual needs when they attend a management meeting. Users of our facilities have to take responsibility for managing risks arising from their own activities when they have control of our premises and should take account of any guidance relevant to their specific activity or sector. All user groups must regularly check the guidance from the government or governing body to ensure that their risk assessment is up to date. See Useful Resources for signposting to relevant guidance and HSE risk assessment template.

NHS Test and Trace (collecting attendee data)

From 18 September, in addition to group organisers collecting attendee data, it will be mandatory for us to hold a copy of all user groups attendee data for NHS Test and Trace data. This will be held securely for 21 days.

Outdoor facilities

User groups – User groups may use our outdoor facilities under any guidance relevant to their specific activity or sector. Please note there is a charge for using our outdoor spaces. General Public – From 14 September, whether indoors or outdoors people from different households must not meet in groups of more than 6. This limit does not apply to meetings of a single household group or support bubble which, is more than 6 people. Community facilities following COVID-19 secure, guidelines can host more than 6 people in total, but no one should visit or socialise in a group of greater than 6.

Hygiene and Face Coverings

On entering and leaving our facilities everyone, including staff, will be asked to use hand sanitiser. Face Coverings are currently required by law to be worn in the following settings:
  • Cafe (Takeaway)
  • General meetings (All internal spaces)
Please note that it may also be a requirement for some user groups to wear face coverings. This will be assessed by their individual needs when they attend a management meeting.

Vulnerable people

Certain groups of people are at increased risk of severe disease from coronavirus (COVID-19), for example, people aged 70 or over. All user groups will be assessed based on their need and some individuals may be advised not to use our facilities.


Failure to complete a risk assessment which takes account of COVID-19, or completing a risk assessment but failing to put in place sufficient measures to manage the risk of COVID-19, could constitute a breach of health and safety law.

Useful Resources

HSE COVID-19 risk assessment. Coronavirus Guidance.

Signposting to Relevant Guidance

Please note that the following is a limited list and that we advise all user groups to seek out their own guidance relevant to their specific activity or sector. Government Safe use of multi-purpose community facilities. Government Sport and gym/leisure facilities Government Outdoor sport and recreation. List of Sports Governing Bodies—cimspa-briefings/reopen-sport-and-physical-activity-sector-facility-reopening-guidance/sports-governing-bodies- UK Active British Wheel of Yoga Football Association (FA) Grassroots LTA – National Governing Body for Tennis—latest-advice/ The National Youth Agency Restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services