You may remember that we recently said that we would hold a public consultation to help us better understand what services you would like to see in the new Community Hub. To make the process as simple as possible, we have broken the process down into phases to help you better understand how the consultation will work.

Phase 1 – Online Survey

The online survey we have created will help us gather information on what services are essential to you and give you the opportunity to contribute by sharing your ideas with us.

Phase 2 – Club Room Meet and Greet

Once we have gathered the vital information from the survey and processed the data, we will then invite people to visit the Club Room to share the results. This will be an excellent opportunity for people who haven’t ever visited the Club Room to come and see the space and meet our team. During this phase, we will ask everyone who visits to complete a feedback form on what they think about the results. We will also publish the results on our website with a downloadable version of the feedback form.

Phase 3 – Conclusion 

In this final phase, we will process the feedback forms and based on the survey’s overall results, we will then tell you what services will be available. Will will also tell you what will happen next and give you a timeline of when the Community Hub will open.

The Good News

We are pleased to tell you that we are now ready to start Phase 1 of the Community Hub Consultation! We have received some great suggestions already, and they have been included in the survey.  Please take the time to complete the survey and share it with your local friends. We are excited to receive the results! CLICK HERE TO START SURVEY