The recent closure of the Community Centre during lockdown has given us the opportunity to have an in-depth look at our facilities and the services we offer. This in-depth look has given us a clear insight into how the community engages with our facilities and has helped us to see what is working and what is not. For example – Due to the lockdown we found that we needed a better system in place for the hiring of our tennis courts and therefore implemented a new booking system. The new system has been well received and the tennis courts have now become a self-sustaining asset. With this in mind, we have looked at all aspects of our business and after close analysis, we have unfortunately found that under its current model the cafe could not be sustained financially. Therefore, after much deliberation, we feel this space can be used more productively and therefore, as of 8th June 2021 the Cafe will cease to trade. We understand that this news will be very disappointing for many but fear not as we are currently working closely with the Parish Council to ensure that together, the Club Room becomes a community asset for all to enjoy and benefit from. One potential idea is that we turn the Club Room into a Community Hub that offers a host of services throughout the week. We want you to have your say and in due course, we will hold a consultation period so you can share your ideas on the services that you would like to see in this space. We can not wait to read all your suggestions but for now, all the team behind the Long Ashton Community Association would like to thank you for all of your support.