What a lovely bank holiday weekend we’ve all enjoyed. It is so nice seeing friends and families meeting on our grounds and using our outdoor facilities. Unfortunately, one thing that isn’t very nice is the amount of rubbish our team is having to pick up every day around the recreation ground and playing fields. We have even found broken glass beer bottles on the football pitch and the basketball court. This is extremely dangerous because both of these areas are in high use by children’s clubs, exercise classes, football matches, and general use. We understand that some days the bins fill up fast, but it’s not an excuse to leave waste on our grounds. As well as being unsightly and dangerous, dumping waste on our grounds is a criminal offence; this includes leaving litter, even if next to a bin. During busy times, we ask that people work with us by taking their waste home with them. If you’re meeting friends for a picnic, great, but please bring an extra rubbish bag with you so you can take your waste home. We’d also ask that people drink alcohol reasonably and safely dispose of any bottles and cans. We want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves, but we must also ask that people think of others and act responsibly. We will be looking at ways to overcome the litter problem, with the possibility of extra bins but in the meantime, we ask that you be part of the solution, not the pollution!