Every summer, our trustees host their Annual General Meeting in which members of the public, user groups and any other interested parties are warmly encouraged to attend, hear about the work LACA is doing, offer their thoughts or raise any concerns they might have. It is a brilliant opportunity to find out more about what’s been happening in the last year and ask any questions you may have. 

All attendees will be offered a complimentary glass of wine or juice upon arrival. There will be brief talks from Sarah Burton (Co-op Community Funding) and Andy Coombe (Long Ashton Village Market), and then a half-hour discussion forum. No need to book, just turn up!

Tuesday 18th September, 19:30, The Jubilee Pavilion, free entry 

Click HERE to view or download this year’s AGM report and get up to speed ahead of the meeting!


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The Long Ashton Community Centre is managed by the Long Ashton Community Association (LACA) and provides a variety of facilities for the local community.  The area and buildings that LACA looks after include the Village Hall Complex, L A Cafe, Sports Pitches, Peel Park, Playground, Tennis Courts and Bowling Green.

Last summer, LACA carried out it’s first ever community centre questionnaire to try and find out a variety of things about the centre’s use, including the demographic of those who use the centre, how often people come to the centre, what they come to the centre for and what suggestions they had to improve things at the centre.  LACA has looked at the results of the questionnaire and highlighted some of data below (you can also find the full results on LACAs website).

·         There were a total of 135 responses (approximately 2% of Long Ashton residents)

·         Of those who responded, 65.93% visit at least once a month and 42.96% visit once a week

·         The majority of respondents were aware of many of the events either run by LACA at the centre, or that take place at the centre

·         Over 90% were aware that the facilities could be booked for private events and just under 50% had done so

·         Over 93% of those who had booked facilities believed the cost to book was either reasonable or very reasonable

·         Most people visiting the centre find out what is going on through word of mouth, signage or Facebook

·         Over 80% of respondents had visited the L A Cafe with over 75% rating the cafe a 7 out of 10 or higher

·         Over 96% of respondents said that the centre generally provided good value for money

Considering this was LACA’s inaugural community centre survey, LACA was pleased with the results and the wide variety of answers given.  However, LACA is aware that the overall response rate was low (response rates are typically between 10-15% for external surveys) and of those who did respond, most were reasonably regular visitors of the centre.  

Though this has given LACA much useful information from those that do visit, LACA would like to hear from more of you, and especially from those who don’t.

Though LACA appreciates that some people may not be interested in using the centre, LACA would encourage anyone to provide feedback in future questionnaires or to contact us if with any feedback or suggestions at all in order to understand why people don’t use the centre.  LACA would also suggest coming to the centre to see the multitude of activities that now take place there. 

It is only with your attendance and input that LACA can ensure that the centre is run for and used by as many residents of Long Ashton as possible.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey.  Your feedback has and will contribute to our discussions and planning to continue to improve the centre and its facilities!

 Please find the full results of they survey HERE