Hire Costs

The centre has a range of community spaces for hire.

Please download our Terms of Hiring conditions pdf

Some of our prices are listed below to give you an idea of our hiring rates. To speak with someone about your venue needs and to get a more specific quote, please call 01275 393570 or email laca@btconnect.com. Alternatively, send an enquiry using the contact form below.

Village Hall

Evening party/dance

From £115

Adult party (daytime)

From £85

Children’s party

From £57


£19 per hour

Club Room & Jubilee Pavilion

Adult party

from £95

 Children’s party

From £47

Jubilee Pavilion

Adult party (day)  from £77

Keeds Hall

From £6.50 per hour without heating (for sports)

From £17 for up to 2 hours with heating


At the heart of the community, we offer a range of large and small community hall spaces for hire plus outdoor play areas, bowling and tennis clubs.