Community centre garden project

We have received additional funding to develop the space outside of the Club Room (the LA Cafe) on our site, and have commissioned landscape designer Jason Loh to manage the project, who will work alongside a team of volunteer gardeners. Aiming to best serve the needs and desires of the local residents (who will be the primary users of the space), we compiled surveys asking you what you wanted to see in the space. Based on the responses, Jason has given us a first look at the proposed plans for the new space, and we are pretty excited about how they look!

by ©Jason Loh Designs Ltd

Help us bring the plans alive

We are recruiting for VOLUNTEERS for this project! We are looking for people to help our gardening team with watering, weeding, planting and various other garden tasks. Get in touch on or 01275393570 if this interests you, and please share with any friends or family in the village. Further volunteering opportunities can be found here